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The deal was supposed to be that I’d feature a new story each month. It’s the pace I decided would work best with my schedule of taking care of two toddlers, being pregnant and giving each story the attention it deserved. Then came May and my due date. Then went my due date. Kai, my third beautiful baby, decided he would come on his own time, no matter how much I tried to coax him otherwise. But I guess that’s what I get when I asked God for His perfect timing.

Photo by Chris Telfer
Left to Right: Jordyn, myself & Kai, Jeremiah // Photo by Chris Telfer
Photo by Chris Telfer

I actually have the most amazing story lined up. I’m about halfway through and just couldn’t throw it together in time for May. It deserves more than that. Erin’s story will no doubt challenge you as it has me. His perspective is unique to one who has truly “walked through the fire.” I cannot wait to share it with you in June.


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